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Pursuit’s Latest Employment Law Seminar!

Wondering how Brexit will affect your employees?
Curious about the protection of pregnant women and new parents in the workplace?

Two weeks ago, fifty HR professionals were kept up to date with these current affairs and more at Pursuit’s Employment Law Seminar. The seminar was led by guest speaker, Cas Carrington of KLC Employment Law Consultants. Cas Carrington is a lead tutor for CIPD Law on Tour workshops. All of our seminars are CIPD certified, assisting our CIPD qualified clients and those working towards qualification.

On March 3rd 2020, we covered the following topics:

  • Latest in Brexit
  • Extending protection of pregnant women and new parents
  • Consultation on reducing ill health-related job loss
  • New requirements for written particulars including additional items
  • Recent landmark cases

…as well as a touch on Corona Virus and its effects on employment and IR35.

Keeping up to date with the current and ever-changing employment regulations is a vital resource in running a successful business and HR department. Pursuit’s Employment Law Seminars are FREE events held to add value for our clients within Essex and beyond.

We always receive top marks from our attendees, below is just a few of the latest comments;

‘Superb content and knowledge as always.’

‘Always enjoy Cas’s workshops and updates are always useful with constant case law and new legislation.’

‘Thank you for an inclusive seminar, you have a great deal of knowledge. I look forward to attending the next one.’

If you were unable to attend this month’s event, but would like to receive a copy of the seminar notes, please get in touch with us!

Our next seminar is June 18th, if you are interested in attending please get in touch with one of our team members. We look forward to seeing you next time!

Top tips for finding your next role!

When you are looking for a new role it can sometimes be quite a task juggling working full time, applying for roles and taking the time to interview. So how can you get ahead of the game and take the stress out of finding that next career?


We have put together our top tips to manage your jobsearch whilst working full time!

  • Register with a recruitment agency. An agency will be able to be available to speak to hiring managers and arrange interviews for you easily throughout the working week. Take the time to meet with the recruiter so they get to know you and what roles you are looking for. That way, you know they will only put you forward for roles they feel you are a close match for. Recruitment consultants can help you get the best out of your CV, give you great tips on improving your interview technique and help you through the full process of handing in your notice to your current employer.


  • Have several versions of your CV ready and saved on your phone with easy access. There is no such thing as a one size fits all when it comes to your CV. We recommend ensuring you have several versions highlighting your skillsets that best match the roles you are applying for. For more information on writing a winning CV – read our blog for all our top tips!


  • Save up some holiday days so you can take the time to interview. If you have time booked in advance, work with your recruitment agency to find suitable positions for you with the aim to interview in that week. If you have a weeks holiday try not to book the full week. Many companies will want to carry out more than one interview, so be sure to save a days holiday for the future!


If you are looking for your next position register with Pursuit Resources Group today so we can help make your next career move a smooth one! Have you seen our latest vacancies? Take a look at all our latest vacancies today!




Another Successful Employment Law Seminar!

Last week we welcomed over 50 HR professionals at our latest Employment Law Seminar with Cas Carrington, KLC Employment Law Consultants.
The topic of our latest employment law seminar was on Understanding Discrimination. Cas Carrington covered areas such as:

Understanding discrimination

• How and when discrimination can occur
• Who’s protected and who’s liable?
• The protected characteristics
• Types of discrimination
• Justifying discrimination
• Remedies

The event was a huge success and as always, Cas’s informal style of presenting created an engaging session that left our clients wanting more. But don’t just take our word for it:

“I found the Discrimination seminar very informative, thought provoking and a brilliant opportunity to network with HR colleagues. Cas Carrington is a superb speaker who really gets delegates actively involved and learning from each other. Cas has a wealth of knowledge in HR case law and the right approaches for Employers to adopt. Thank you so much.”

Pursuit Resources Group hold regular Employment Law Update Seminars. If you would be interested in attending our next event, please get in touch with one of the team!

From Trainee Consultant to Consultant in 7 months!

From Trainee Consultant to Consultant in 7 months!

Congratulations Elle!

We are pleased to announce that Elle Anslow Clarke has been promoted this week to a Consultant after completing her training period with us here at Pursuit!

Elle joined us in February as a trainee consultant with a good sales background but no previous experience in recruitment. From week one when Elle made her first placement, we knew she had recruitment in her blood – and we weren’t wrong! Elle has gone from strength to strength, taking on board her training and advice and establishing herself as a key member of our team. Elle’s loyalty and drive to succeed are just some of the reason’s why she has fast-tracked to become a fully fledged consultant.

When we asked Elle for a few words, Elle said

“when I first started at Pursuit I didn’t know what to expect. I had sales experience in my previous role, and the idea of recruitment seemed to tick many of my boxes – but it was very un-known. If you had asked me where I would be 7 months into my role when I started as a trainee recruitment consultant I couldn’t have dreamt to have ‘graduated’ so quickly from a trainee to a consultant.

I have shocked myself at how much I have taken to recruitment and how much I love the buzz of the industry. I knew I loved sales and relationship management and recruitment for me is a great balance of both. Highlights for me to date would be learning from some of most experienced (and best)recruiters in the industry as well as meeting some amazing clients and helping so many candidates find employment. The feeling when you first place a candidate in a new role is quite something – I will always remember my first!

Don’t get me wrong, recruitment has both up’s and down’s, but for me the excitement of every day being so different and the people I meet and speak to daily is what drives me.  I was shocked with the promotion and extremely happy with the news. I look forward to a successful career in recruitment!”

A huge congratulations Elle. We are excited to see your career in recruitment blossom further with Pursuit. Here are some snaps of Elle over the last 7 months:

Are you interested in a career in recruitment? We are always on the look out for new talent. Please get in touch with us and send in your CV to [email protected]

Wellness Wednesday – Could you survive without Caffeine?

No Caffeine after 2pm Challenge!

Caffeine – how much do you drink?

This week’s wellness Wednesday focus is on Caffeine here at Pursuit Resources Group. We have challenged the team to a day without Caffeine post 2pm. So we have the decaf stocked, fruit teas in and we are ready to change our habits with Caffeine!

Caffeine is a powerful drug that is as addictive as nicotine. Nowadays it is seen as a natural way to reduce fatigue, improve alertness and productivity. It helps as a pick me up to get going and acts as a stimulant, but like all tools, caffeine could be both helpful and harmful.

The come down can make you worse than you started, and drinking caffeine can also increase anxiety. When you have caffeine it stimulates your body in producing adrenaline. In small doses you would not see much of a difference, but those prone to anxiety can find that the problems are exacerbated.


Top Tips for reducing Caffeine in your daily routine.

  • Don’t drink Caffeine after 2pm. This will help you get a better quality nights sleep. More sleep (or a better quality sleep) will mean you will wake up more refreshed and ready to start the day – possibly without that immediate caffeine fix!
  • Limit consumption to 2-4 small cups of caffeine a day (this includes Tea, Coffee, Coke based drinks). If you feel you can’t survive a day without caffeine then consider changing the size of your cup to minimise the amount you drink.
  • Drink more water. Take a look at our Wellness Wednesday post from a few weeks ago at the benefits of drinking H2O to help productivity at work. You may find increasing your intake of water will make you reach for that Americano less!
  • Caffeine is not just in Coffee and Tea! It can be found in many fizzy drinks, hot chocolate, Green tea and more! So where possible, try to convert to de-caf variations. Caffeine is also found in many over the counter medicines – look for an alternative by asking your pharmacist.
  • Water down caffeine drinks – so you can still enjoy the taste and feel of a coffee or tea – consider making it weaker. Add more water to your coffee / less coffee per cup and consider brewing your tea for a shorter amount of time.


Why are we not going Tee-Total on Caffeine?

It is good to take small steps. Completely stopping caffeine could mean you experience withdrawal affects if you are used to drinking it. Because of this, start with a time limit (like no caffeine post 2pm) and slowly bring this forward reducing to a cup a day before going Tee-total.


We hope you have enjoyed this week’s Wellness Wednesday tips. For more wellness advice and insights take a look at some of our previous blog posts.


Our Wellness Wednesday Campaign

Wellness Wednesday has been a hit!

Following the success of our #wellnesswednesday campaign with our team to date, we thought we would share with you a little insight into why we decided to make it a regular thing this quarter!

It all started with an inspirational conference hosted by REC (Recruitment Employment Confederation) earlier in the year. The topic of ‘wellness at work’ was high on the agenda at the conference and has been a topic of conversation for the last few years in the world of HR.

In a recent blog post, Mental health, productivity and employee loyalty, REC highlighted some interesting statisics from the HSE’s Work related stress depression or anxiety statistics in Great Britain, 2018 :

  • 4 million working days were lost to work-related stress, depression or anxiety
  • Stress, depression and anxiety accounted for
    • 44% of all work-related ill health cases
    • 57% of all working days lost due to ill health
    • The main work factors were cited as workload pressures and lack of managerial support

In the same article, REC highlighted that 31% of the UK workforce have been formally diagnosed with a mental health issue. For employers, this has had a cost of £42bn a year in lost productivity – a sizeable amount!

A poll carried out by Health Shield found that nearly three in five (57%) people had the opinion that if they had more support in their mental wellbeing from their employer, it would help them to feel more loyal, be more productive and take less time off work. In the same survey, highlighted by REC, 90% of employees said that struggling with mental health issues stopped them from thriving at work and performing to the best of their ability.

Lorraine Phair, Managing Director at Pursuit Resources Group, following this insight, wanted to ensure we put our employee’s wellbeing first. As well as a comprehensive healthcare scheme offered as part of the benefits package, Lorraine and her marketing manager, Victoria, have launched a summer wellness campaign designed not only to help boost productivity in the office – but also provide some inspiration for our clients in encouraging them to consider a wellness strategy for their workforce.

We have been running the campaign across our social media networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram,) as well as a blog posts on our website. To date, we have had some really positive feedback both from our team and our clients. Who knew walking the dog on your lunch break would make you more productive!

We try to post regularly on our blog to provide recruitment industry insight, Employment Law updates and candidate advice. If you want a weekly notification of our blog posts straight to your inbox, sign up at the top right of this page (scroll up!)


Mental health, productivity and employee loyalty. REC.


Work related stress depression or anxiety statistics in Great Britain, 2018, HSE, published 31st October 2018. Viewed 9 May 2019

Mental health support would improve employee loyalty – Health Shield, Cover Magazine,  viewed 22/8/2018

Getting the most out of your job search with LinkedIn

At Pursuit we pride ourselves on the advice and expertise we can pass onto our candidates to help them find the next step in their career.

This week we are focusing on LinkedIn. Many people overlook the importance of having a professional presence on social media. Over the years, LinkedIn has become a major player in the recruitment industry. Not only for employers and recruitment agencies, but also for candidates!

Think of it as a platform for your professional experience and a live version of your CV. It can bring your experience to life and make you stand out. It is the perfect way to highlight your USPs.

A typical LinkedIn Profile will highlight the following information

  • Professional Summary
  • Job qualifications
  • Employment history
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Volunteering
  • Articles you have posted
  • Content you have commented on / Liked.

Many employers will also look for you on LinkedIn ahead of inviting you to interview – therefore you need to ensure you are portraying the right ‘brand’. Ensure that your profile is complete and includes all the information that sum’s up your experience and skills – professionally.

We have put together some highlights of our recommendations when it comes to getting your LinkedIn profile in shape!

Ensure your profile is complete. Spellchecked and Grammar checked.

This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people still have spelling mistakes on their LinkedIn profiles and CVs. Get someone to proof read your profile for you with fresh eyes. Sometimes when you have been staring at something for a long time you can easily miss the simple mistakes.

Having a full profile will ensure that there are no gaps for future employers should they be looking for specific information.

Building your brand

Whilst LinkedIn is a social media platform, you need to remember it is for professional networking. It is important that your profile picture is a professional (and recent) headshot.

Ensure the language you use (your tone of voice) is consistent with your professional brand – after all the profile of a sales person will look very different to that of a HR professional.

Consider the posts that you comment on, groups that you follow and posts that you share. Remember all of this information is on view to future employers.

Provide Quality Detail

Your LinkedIn profile has no limit on length – so be as detailed as you want to be. Our Marketing Manager recommends that whilst you can add more detail, it is important to keep things succinct and simple to read / digest. Use bullet points and avoid repetition.

Give yourself a Headline

Sell yourself in 10 words – keep it short and snappy. If you are currently unemployed there is nothing stopping you opening with – OPEN TO NEW OPPORTUNITIES or SEEKING NEW EMPLOYMENT.

Don’t hold back on your Summary

This is the place where you will highlight exactly who you are / your experience and will be the section that will make or break reading the rest of your profile. Don’t be afraid to use bullet points, and keep it to a few succinct sentences. Have you got a strong Personal Statement on your CV? This is a great place to start for completing this section of your LinkedIn Profile.

Use Keywords!

When recruiters and employers are looking for your detail they will search using key words for your experience. This can include your job title, industry, qualifications. Start by brainstorming all the professional keywords you would use to describe yourself and ensure these are present within your profile. The use of keywords will also help your Linkedin profile appear in google!

Get Recommended and Endorsed

Think of this as a reference! The more recommendations and endorsements you have, the more credible your profile will appear to future employers.

You can save out your profile to a PDF!

You can even save out your LinkedIn profile to use as a CV. Whilst we would not recommend this, it may be a useful tool to take a long to an interview as a leave behind. However, what it can be good for is a starting point to creating your CV if you have not got a working document already. Once you have completed all your details on your profile, if you download the PDF you can then convert it into a Word Document and edit this into your professional CV – saving you time!

Instructions on how to download your CV as a PDF

Please remember you will still have to edit the document and the format into a working CV. Take a look at our top tips for creating your CV to help you.

Now your set up – take a look at some of our Next Step recommendations:

Build your network

Don’t be afraid to use LinkedIn. Having a strong network will make you more visible and increase your chances of being successful on LinkedIn. The more connections, the more opportunities that can arise. Remember though, whilst you may have a number of connections you need to ensure they are the right ones! Start with people you know and people within your industry / line of work. Connect with old colleagues, People you went to college / university with. If you are actively seeking new employment, connecting with recruitment consultants and HR professionals would be recommended. You can connect with our team here!

Lorraine Phair

Samantha Chambers

Courtney Bromfield

Sarah Palmer

Need tips on connecting with people on LinkedIn? Read the Linkedin guide here


Get Noticed

Start commenting, liking, sharing. The more active you are the more you are being seen. Direct message your contacts to see if they know of any positions available at their company and connect with HR managers and recruitment professionals in your local area.

Apply via Linked In!

At Pursuit we actively use our company page to advertise new roles as soon as we have them. Not following us? Visit our page and get regular updates!

Also, you can now apply directly to jobs as many companies now advertise on LinkedIn. Find companies you would like to work for and follow them for regular updates.

We hope this information has been useful to you and will always welcome feedback. Please email us on [email protected].

Actively looking for new opportunities? Have you seen our latest Live Vacancies?
Don’t forget, if you are registered with Pursuit to keep in touch with your consultant regarding your availability. We always recommend keeping yourself on our radar so when the right role comes in we think of you first!

Recommend a friend and receive a voucher of your choice! 

If you know someone who is looking for work be sure to recommend them! If you recommend a candidate that we successfully place we will say thank you with a gift voucher of your choice!

Get in Touch!

If you have any questions or would like to talk to a member of the team, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Call the team today on 01245 362500

Take a Break #WellnessWednesday

Our #WellnessWednesday advice this week to our team is TAKE A BREAK!

Research has shown that taking time out of your day to recharge can improve your well-being and productivity at work.

Over the next few weeks we will be buddying our consultants up and sending them out for lunch on us! But why?

It is easy when you work in a busy environment to work through lunch – with your sandwich in one hand and your hand on the mouse in the other. It is a common assumption that by doing this you will be more efficient and get more done in the day. But in reality, it will lead to less productivity because believe it or not your brain needs time to recharge!

Whether you read a book, go for a walk, get on top of life admin – spending your lunch break productively will increase motivation, relieve stress and keep you focused! But it is important that whatever you do in your lunch break that you step away from your desk! A change of scenery is a must have for a successful lunch break.

Your lunch break does not need to be a long one. The government recommends at least a 30min break for every 4 hours of continuous work. 30 minutes is less scary than an hour.

Socialising is also a big factor in influencing your well-being in the work place. It allows for friendships to grow, promotes strong teamwork and provides a well needed distraction. Whether you have a good gossip or take a break to listen to a podcast together, if possible try and buddy up on your lunch break. That is why we are promoting taking lunch with a buddy to our team.

Tune in to next week’s blog for some top tips to make the most out of your lunch break!

Are you looking for Jobs in your lunch break?! Be sure to get in touch with one of our team today to discuss our latest vacancies! Contact us today on 01245 362500!

Our #ThanksWalter Challenge & the importance of keeping hydrated at work!

This week for #wellnesswednesday we are challenging out team to an ‘8 glasses of Water a day Challenge!’ where we are promoting the benefits of staying hydrated throughout the day!

Promoting the drinking of water is not a new concept – but here at Pursuit we take H2O seriously! We provide our staff with a water cooler so they have access to water whenever they need it.

Introducing Walter.  Walter has been a loyal member of the team for a number of years, sitting quietly taking it all in from a distance. Always ready to jumop into action when needed, often goes un-noticed. Well today we have decided to change that and bring Walter into the limelight.

Whilst it is easy to forget that Walter our Water Cooler exists, we are promoting the importance of staying hydrated to our team. With this in mind, we have decided to run an ‘8 a day Water Challenge’ here at the office this week for #WellnessWednesday. Previous Wellness Wednesdays have included promoting sleep and healthy eating – but this is the first time we have turned the day into a challenge for the team!

wellness wednesday #thankswalter

How it will work.

The Challenge will take place throughout the week and those who have completed the challenge will be rewarded with a prize!

Every time a member of the team gets themselves a glass of water they will call out ‘Thanks Walter!’ and our office manager will be keeping a tally on our daily Walter board!

Why are we promoting drinking water at work?

Keeping hydrated has many health benefits for the individual, but it also affects productivity at work – so something that should not be overlooked by employers! Our bodies are made up of about 60% water – and unlike camels, we have nowhere to store water. We constantly loose water from our body and so it is important to drink regularly throughout the day.

Research has shown that hydration has been linked to work performance and productivity. Our brain is made up of 73% water and therefore as you can imagine, if you are dehydrated your brain is not working at it’s full capacity. Lieberman HR (2007) published findings that has shown that just a 1-2% reduction can reduce our ability to concentrate as well as affecting our cognitive and physical performance. It can also increase feelings of aggression or irritation – and stress!

In fact, Water Logic, Australia, reported that a 3-4% drop in hydration can lead to a drop in productivity of between 25-50%! Below is an infographic that Water Logic published to show the importance of drinking water at work. We thought it was too good not to share!

Improve employee performance through hydration

Here are the top reasons to stay hydrated!

  • Stay focused:Dehydration can lead to lack of energy, difficulty in concentrating, and sub-optimal brain function.
  • Prevent Headaches and Migraines:Dehydration is believed to be a major contributing factor in the occurrence of headaches and migraines.
  • Increase metabolism:Correctly hydrated people are less likely suffer from constipation, which is an excellent reason to increase your water consumption.
  • Improve your mood:Several studies have proven dehydration can lead to negative moods and interfere with a person’s ability to think rationally.
  • Faster Weight Loss:If you are on a calorie-controlled diet, research has shown drinking several litres of water can help boost your metabolism.

Pursuit’s top tips to fight dehydration in the workplace!

  • Provide easy access to water in the office – Install a Walter! Workers with easy access to cool, clean water are far more likely to stay well hydrated.
  • Promote drinking 2 litres of water daily to your staff. The European Food Safety Authority recommends a total water intake of 2.5 litres for men and 2.0 litres for women per day, via food and drink.
  • Break it up into 8 portions:The best way to drink 2 litres every day is to spread it into 8 equal portions. Drinking a glass of water is the easiest way, but you can also get water from a variety of foods including melon, soups, stews, fruit and vegetables.
  • Limit coffee to 4 cups a day:Try to persuade employees to drink no more than 4 cups of coffee / tea a day as caffeine is a leading cause of dehydration.

We hope you have found this information insightful! Here at Pursuit Resources Group, we value our employees and the team are really enjoying our #wellnesswednesday days! We have an exciting programme of activities planned over the coming weeks so be sure to follow us on Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) and check in on our blog every Wednesday !


Lieberman HR (2007) Hydration and cognition: a critical review and recommendations for future research. Journal of the American College of Nutrition 25, 555S-561S

The Pursuit Resources Group Salary Survey 2019 has landed!

Here at Pursuit Resources Group, we have compiled a comprehensive list of Salary benchmarks for our clients across commercial, industrial and financial positions. As an established recruitment agency in the heart of Essex, we believe in keeping up to date with market trends and recruitment industry data in order to provide a service that goes far beyond a CV.

The data produced in the survey has been researched thoroughly by our team from a diverse range of private and public sector organisations in the local area. Alongside utilising data we have collected ourselves over the past year, our salary benchmarks have also been influenced by industry statistics produced by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

The jobs market is still very much candidate driven. Whilst many salaries have remained the same since our last survey, many have seen an increase to attract the right talent. Despite the uncertainty of Brexit the jobs market remains stable, for the time being.

If you would like to receive a copy of our latest salary survey, please get in touch with a member of the team today. You don’t have to be a client of ours to receive the survey, we also offer the document to many local business’ who may need our recruitment experience in the future.

We have also included some practical recommendations to employers from the REC White Paper on the future of Jobs, a copy of which can be supplied – simply get in touch!

If you are recruiting and would like to ensure your salaries are competitive in today’s employment market do not hesitate to get in touch! To contact the team for salary advice and to arrange delivery of your copy, please call  01245 362500 or email [email protected]