Our latest Employment Law Seminar was a success!

“Best seminar I have been to, the lawyer was excellent and I liked her approach”


Last Friday, Pursuit Resources Group hosted another successful Employment Law Seminar which covered the topics of Case Law, Associated Law and TUPE. Our guest speaker, Cas Carrington once again delivered an interesting and thought-provoking event at The Lion Inn, Boreham. 

Pursuit’s Employment Law Seminar’s are FREE events held to add value for our clients within Essex and beyond. Cas Carrington from KLC Employment Law Consultants, our guest speaker, is a lead tutor for the Law on Tour Events. Our events are CPD Certified, particularly useful for our CIPD qualified clients (or those working towards a CIPD qualification.)

Some of the topics covered on the day included:

  • Case Law and Associated Law:
  • Age discrimination
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Difference between discrimination and harassment
  • Direct Discrimination
  • Equal Pay
  • Incapacity benefit
  • {art-time work and less favourable treatment
  • Statment of written particulars
  • Vicarious liability
  • Whistleblowing


  • The transfer Group
  • Changes to contracts post TUPE
  • Transfers – restrictive covenants and confidentiality

We always have a fantastic turnout at these events and the feedback from our clients is always positive! Here are a few statements that were made following last weeks seminar;

“I look forward to your seminars, Cas is so informative, she explains each topic clearly, her handouts/workbooks are really useful, I often refer to them. Always great to meet other HR professionals at these events and share information.”


“Fantastic seminar as usual with Cas Carrington and superbly organised by Pursuit.  Very good topics and always legal issues and great advice and very informative.”


“Attended the Seminar on TUPE and discrimination and, as always, found the Speaker to be knowledgeable and approachable.  Always good to get latest updates and have a chance to network to hear others views on various subjects in such a calm and pleasant setting.”

If you were unable to attend this month’s event, but would like to receive a copy of the seminar notes, please get in touch with us!


Our next event will be held on the 25th September, whilst the topic is yet to be confirmed and the details released, save the date in your diaries! We will be updating the website in due course.

REC 2019 Talent, Recruitment and Employment Conference and the 7 ways to love work again!

This week, some of our team attended the REC 2019 Talent, Recruitment and Employment Conference in London. It was a fantastic day with some amazing guest speakers and topics covered.

Hosted by Sameena Ali-Kham, the interactive roundtable sessions, as promised, where thought-provoking and we found all the panel discussions invaluable! This year’s theme was about building the future workforce and covered topics such as future of work, on-boarding, employer branding, diversity and inclusion, technology for talent attraction, mental health wellbeing amongst many others.

We particularly enjoyed one of the subjects covered by Bruce Daisley – VP, EMEA, Twitter on “Stress impacts the ability to execute functions”. Mental health and wellbeing is so important in today’s workplace.

So much so, that we wanted to share with you their 7 ways to love work again! We will be passing this mantra onto our employees as we feel it is hugely important, especially in a recruitment environment where things are so fast paced!

7 ways to love work again


  • Sleep – a good night asleep can increase productivity by a significant amount
  • Get happier friends – surround yourself with positive people that will make an impact on your life and your decisions. Some say there are 2 types of friends – Drains and Radiators. Drains are the friends that have the ability to bring you down. Radiators are the friends that make you feel all warm and happy. Their attitudes around you can reflect on the way you handle business.
  • Understand how we think – What is unique about you, that leads to your happiest times at work? Reflect on a specific time when you were acting in the way you were ‘born to act’.
  • Understand how we team. What encourages and motivates people to work as a team? Team work is pivotal to any business.
  • Understand how we relax. Allow yourself to take regular breaks to get your head and mind clear.
  • Understand how we settle in. Everyone is different and while some people can adapt quickly to a situation or environment, others might take a while to accomplish the same. Respect others and you will get respect in return.
  • Sense of belonging… Feeling safe at work and like you belong will increase productivity and keep motivation at its highest.

“A happier environment motivates people to stay and develop”

To conclude this blog, we thought we would share a great video Bruce played to us at the event. We felt it was quite humorous but very on point! : Watch the Video here!

Derby Day Celebrations!

Derby Day Celebrations!


As many of our clients will be aware, we have recently announced the winners of our Derby Day competition which we held in honour of the Epsom Derby last week!

Since she was young, Lorraine Phair, Managing Director of Pursuit Resources Group, watched the Epsom Derby with her father every year. It always brought a little excitement to the start of the Summer and holds many happy memories. Lorraine likes to celebrate the event every year – and this year we decided to run a little competition with our clients to spread some joy.

With 20 horses running in the Derby, we allocated the horses to our clients at random and placed their bets! On Monday we announced the winning horse – Anthony Van Dyck – so a big congratulations to our winner! Lorraine and the team will be personally delivering the prize – watch this space on our social media channels for some pictures!

We have our next Employment Law Seminar this coming Friday – Case Law, Associated Law and TUPE. The event is held at The Lion Inn, Boreham and the team are getting prepared to welcome many of our clients! If you would like to attend our Seminar we do have VERY limited spaces available therefore please get in touch on 01245 362500 or email [email protected] before 12pm Thursday.

Pursuit’s CV Masterclass – Our Top Tips and Advice

Getting your CV right can make or break your chances of being successful when applying for new employment. We are regularly asked by our candidates for advice in creating a CV that will get noticed. Due to this we have collated our consultant’s top tips on creating the perfect CV.

Firstly let’s start with the basics.

What is the best way to set up your CV?

There’s no right or wrong way to set out a CV. There are, however, some standard sections that they should contain. These are:

  • Personal and contact information
  • Personal Statement
  • Skills and achievements relevant to the job
  • Work history
  • Interests
  • References

Keep your CV to a maximum of two sides of A4 paper. Employers receive a lot of CVs, so it’s unlikely that they will read each one from start to finish. In fact, most will make a judgment about a CV after a few seconds (8 to be exact!). It is therefore essential to keep it concise and as short as possible.

Keep your CV clean and tidy. Use headings, bullet points and space your CV appropriately. A little white space is a good thing! Try to stick to one font, we would recommend Calibri or Arial. Ideally use size 11 font. Do not use smaller than size 10.

N.B. Save both a PDF and a Word Version of your CV. If you are sending your CV to an agency the best format to send it in would be as a Word Document. Why? When your CV is sent to the client, whilst we do not edit your CV and it’s contents, we do add a front page with our summary of your suitability for the role, salary, location and more! If your CV is saved as a word document we find we can ensure the format of your CV remains professional.


Matching your CV to a job description

Different jobs need different skillsets. Whenever you apply for a job, alter your CV so that it relates to the role you are applying for.

You don’t have to re-write it completely, but you may want to re-draft or re-order some of your interests and skills so the most important ones are nearer the beginning of the document.

You might also want to remove things that you don’t need to mention for a particular job.


Keeping your CV updated

It’s really important to review your CV regularly, so that:

  • All your skills and experiences are included
  • It is an accurate and positive reflection of you
  • Your contact details are correct.

If you’ve recently completed a work placement or started to volunteer, make sure you record it on your CV. Accompany it with a short description of what your main duties were and what skills you used.

You should also add any new qualifications to your CV as soon as you get them.

No previous work experience?

Remember that employers won’t expect teenagers or graduates to have lots of work experience. The key is to think about anything you’ve done at school,college or University as well as what you do in your spare time / interests. Is anything that you’ve done relevant to the job you’re applying for? If it is, make sure you put it on your CV.

Don’t be afraid of promoting yourself. That’s what CVs are for after all.

To help you write your CV, we have put some extra tips and advice below. Simply click on the relevant tab to find out more!