Women in Leadership – Safe dismissals, settlements, and avoiding claims

One of the great advantages of working with our Pursuit Resources and Executive divisions is that, as a senior executive with HR responsibilities, you could become a member of our Women in Leadership Group. Our next meeting is on Thursday 14th September, when we will be exploring the issues of safe dismissals, settlements and avoiding claims, with our special guest, legal expert Mark Jones.

Mark became a solicitor in 1996 and has specialised in employment law ever since. In 2018, he left a top 75 practice to form his own consultancy, where he is highly sought-after for legal advice. During a distinguished career, Mark’s advice has been sought by the International Labour Organisation, both the UK House of Commons and the House of Lords, as well as the European Court of Human Rights. He has represented clients as diverse as global organisations and individual victims of domestic slavery.

Our Women in Leadership group members are looking forward to receiving some invaluable advice on one of their profession’s most challenging issues.

We’re also looking forward to exchanging experiences and learning from each other in a relaxed setting over a light breakfast and for some, hopefully, lunch at the Lion Inn at Boreham.

If you are currently one of our clients, or you feel that you would like to bring us your recruitment requirements and, perhaps, to be part of this group, why not get in touch and see if we currently have any spare places?