Women in Leadership – Mental health in the workplace

An invaluable workshop on mental health in the workplace

Our March Women in Leadership workshop tackled the sensitive issue of mental health in the workplace, and gave us some eye-opening perspectives. We were joined on this occasion by Kate Horn, Human Resources Manager, and Karen Mitchell, Income Generation Manager for Mid & North East Essex Mind.

We were eager to find out all we could from Kate, as both an HR professional and a representative of a mental health charity, and we were not disappointed.
We began with some startling statistics:
• Mental ill-health costs UK business £42-45 billion annually
• There are 1.5 million people in work in the UK with a diagnosed long-term mental health condition
• Mental health accounts for 44% of all instances of poor health at work
• Only 44% of organisations are training managers to support staff with mental ill health

Not surprisingly, from all we hear in the media, demand is higher than ever while resources are down. Many people face stress both at home and at work, due to challenges such as post pandemic return to work anxiety, the economic crisis, and other unsettling UK and global news.

As always, it was a two-way dialogue in which we were able to exchange views and experiences and, above all ask questions of our visiting experts. We had a great many questions, all of which Kate fielded with both helpful insights and practical advice. All of us went away feeling we had learned something very practical and applicable.

There was so much content to absorb, and so much more to learn that Lorraine is now discussing the possibility of a mental health seminar, hosted by Pursuit and presented by Mid & North East Essex Mind. At our base at The Plaza in Braintree this June.

If you would be interested in attending a seminar on ‘Managing mental health in the workplace’, we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email to seminars@pursuitgroup.co.uk with ‘mental health seminar’ in the subject line, and we will contact you as soon as a date is confirmed.