Time for some Easter fun – win a hamper!

Here’s some Easter fun from Pursuit!!

Spring is finally here and Easter is fast approaching, so it must be time for a fun quiz!

How good is your Easter knowledge?

  1. 1. How many Easter eggs are sold in the UK every year? 20 million, 40 million, 60 million or 80 million?
    2. What name did the Easter Island ‘Head’ call Ben Stiller’s character in the movie, Night At The Museum?
    3. Who conned nearly everyone (including the Vicar) in the village of Dibley into dressing up as the Easter Bunny?
    4. In which 1948 movie did Fred Astaire and Judy Garland sing “We’re a couple of swells”?
    5. In Switzerland, what kind of bird traditionally delivers Easter eggs to children?

If you can answer all five questions correctly, you could win a sumptuous Fortnum & Mason Easter hamper, full of tempting treats.

Just email your five Easter answers to claire.ward@pursuitgroup.co.uk by 5.30 pm on April 4th 2023 and you’ll automatically be entered into our Easter hamper prize draw. And if nobody answers all five correctly, we’ll draw from those who got the most right! The winner’s hamper will be delivered by the 6 April.

UPDATE: Our Easter competition is now closed.

How did you get on? Here are the answers…

  1. 1. At least 80 million Easter eggs are sold in the UK every year!
    2. Dum Dum!
    3. Letitia Cropley (We accepted Mrs Cropley)
    4. Easter Parade
    5. The Easter Cuckoo (We accepted just ‘cuckoo’)

Congratulations to Lisa Castle, who was the lucky winner!!!

A very Happy Easter from the team at Pursuit – and thanks for taking part!