Women in Leadership – the exciting new network

Why are we starting a Women in Leadership network?

The initial idea for this came from two of our clients, both highly professional senior HR Directors with major employers. Although they are at the top of their game professionally, there’s always something new to learn, and they want to stay current with and encourage best practice, despite the considerable pressures on their time.

They realised that it isn’t only HR professionals who face HR dilemmas, and everyone running a business has to deal with people. Most business owners will tell you that dealing with people – particularly when you do it right – takes time, effort and resources – as it should do. Many other senior executives also have HR issues to address.

What they felt they needed was a forum in which senior executives could compare notes, exchange knowledge and experience and help identify solutions to each other’s’ challenges.

There’s no substitute for experience

We’re hoping that Women in Leadership will help all our members to benefit from the many combined hours and years of experience that we will, together, represent. If one of us doesn’t have much experience of a particular situation or challenge, we reckon it’s a pretty safe bet that others will.

At the moment, this new initiative is by invitation, but if you feel you have a wealth of experience to offer and know you still have plenty to learn, we’re listening.

This new network is, unapologetically, for women. This is because, say what you like, even in this day and age, most women have additional challenges to overcome, especially in terms of work/life balance. Despite many of us making superb entrepreneurs and business leaders, women are still underrepresented in the boardroom, so a sounding board and a font of knowledge is always useful.

We still have a way to go, and we’d like to help each other to get there.