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Referencing – background checks for your senior executives

Who you employ can reflect on your organisation, so we help our clients to carry out thorough background checks on their senior executives. We will of course, always thoroughly vet any candidate that we propose to you before we make a recommendation.

Naturally, as a matter of course, we perform eligibility to work checks for many of our clients, but our referencing check is far more thorough. We will conduct an in-depth interview with a candidate’s referees, asking more than you might cover at interview. We will enquire about their management style, personality, skills and competence. We will ask if they are respected by colleagues or perceived as difficult to get on with.

In addition to formal interviews with their named referees, we can contact former employers and colleagues which we can identify based on our own research and network of contacts. We can perform a financial background check which will provide credit reference scores and reveal any County Court judgements or bankruptcy proceedings against any candidate.

We will also examine their online presence, closely scrutinising their own social media profiles and discovering comments and recommendations made about them, as well as any other online information which may be relevant.

With our full report, you can make a sound judgement about the risks or, hopefully, the positive benefits, of appointing your chosen candidate.

We can also provide this service if your executive was not placed by us. If you feel the need to explore their background, we can conduct our checks retrospectively, and, of course, if you are not confident in their suitability based on what we discover, we can help you to identify a stronger candidate.

We recommend that you ask us to conduct reference checks as early as possible and before any trial period has been completed.