Pursuit pitches in to help Braintree rugby first teams

This coming season, we at Pursuit will be sponsoring both the men’s and women’s first teams at Braintree’s popular Rugby Club. As part of our commitment to our local community, we’ve been concentrating on giving something back to the various groups who make up the rich life of our county, especially near our base; so sponsoring both Braintree Rugby Club’s first teams is a real pleasure.

As the season kicks off, we’ll also be sponsoring a match day lunch to sustain the teams and their guests, as they prepare to do sporting battle on the pitch. You could say we’ll be providing something scrummy before the play gets – well, scrummy.

Our own skills in devising winning strategies and tactics may be more suited to the workplace than the playing field, but we certainly understand the importance of teamwork, team building and colleagues co-operating with each other. We also appreciate that each member of a team has their own unique role to play, experience to bring, and talents to share; resulting in overall progress and success for the entire organisation.

We also know that our clients need every member of their teams to be on the ball at all times. Of course, this concept is the same on the pitch. Each player stays sharp, watches for opportunities to advance, and contributes to the overall strength and skill of the team; working together to allow each other to shine and the team to triumph. And, as a predominantly female team ourselves, naturally, we’re delighted to be supporting Braintree’s Vixens first team, as well as the first team men.

So, in future, you may find that we have a new found interest in Rugby, as we’ll definitely be watching to see how the Braintree men’s and women’s first teams make headway through their leagues, proudly displaying the Pursuit logo. And we’ll be cheering them on to victory!

We’ll let you know how they get on! Go Braintree, go Vixens!