Pursuit delivers Box of Delights

Life only seems to get busier, and it’s difficult for all of us to find time to make and maintain contacts, while juggling all the demands on our time. However, at Pursuit, the personal touch is what really matters, no matter how busy we get. So, early this week, our team were out and about delivering some deliciously tempting, beautifully boxed working lunches to some of our clients old and new; as well as to a few more that we very much hope will be future clients. That way, we were helping them save precious time, while still ‘buying lunch’.

We’re aware that our clients can’t always spare much time to discuss future plans, rather than pressing current needs, so we just wanted to remind them that we’re here to help whenever they need us, and we certainly understand how time-poor they can be.

Inside each Pursuit Box of Delights was a tasty working lunch, including a selection of cheeses, and succulent olives, all skilfully prepared for us by the Café Plaza team here at our base.

Today we were out again, this time delivering boxes of delightful cakes to accompany a humble mug of office tea, elevating it to something a little more special as a Happy Friday treat from us. We hope that these were not just a much-needed sugar boost, but also a reminder that expert help is at hand when it comes to recruiting and building the ideal team.

These edible deskside gifts were so well received that we’ll be making some more deliveries, dropping in briefly on a few more of our clients, as soon as we can. Our existing clients may be seeing some familiar faces, as a couple of our favourite former team members have been persuaded to rejoin Pursuit! So, if you didn’t see us this time, hopefully, you soon will, and we’ll help to make your day with a culinary treat!

Where will our team – and our Boxes of Delights – go next?

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