Finding the time to look for a new job!

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When we speak to our candidates we are often told that finding the time to look for a new job is hard – especially for those in full time employment.

Whilst we may not have all the answers, we do have some top tips that we can share with you to help ease the pressure and make the most of the time you have when looking for your dream job!


Our Top Tips!

  1. Take the time to compose your CV. In the long run, this will save you a lot of time when applying for different roles. Ensure you have all your up-to-date employment opportunities on it, including all dates of employment and explain any gaps. These are all questions a recruiter will ask if the information is missing.
  2. We recommend doing a few versions of your CV to cover all the roles you are interested in. For some you may want to highlight specific skills and experience specific to those roles. We also recommend having a full /long version and a condensed/shortened version.
  3. Save the CV on a cloud somewhere in the wonderful world of the web. This will enable that it is accessible at all times. Another option is to email them (individually) to yourself so that you can easily forward them on when needed – you will be amazed how much time this will save!
  4. REGISTER WITH AN AGENCY! Our job is to take the hassle out of finding a new job by getting your CV in front of our clients. There may be some initial time you will have to invest in interviewing with us, however with out of hours interviews available, you can register without the need of taking time of work. After all, you may need those days for interviews!
  5. Sign up to jobs boards, such as Jobsite, so recruiters can find your details easily and therefore put you forward for any new roles that may have come in.
  6. When you send your CV to recruiters or job-boards – upload in a Word Format. Why? Because we may ask you for it in the future to enable us to send your CV to our clients. For many of our clients we have a standard way of formatting CVs for their review.
  7. Set up alerts on job boards so you receive emails when new roles come in.
  8. If you have specialist experience be proactive. Identify companies you would like to work for an ask your recruiter to make some calls to get your CV noticed. At Pursuit we regularly spec candidates into clients and often find, in this market, if you have specialist skills we often find great interest.
  9. Set aside a regular time each week where you can search the internet for roles. Looking for the right role – rather than just THE role – may take some time. By setting aside an hour a week for your career progression this will allow you to work into your routine the time to research jobs therefore improving your skills or simply take the time to read up on industry news.

We hope you find this list to find the time to job search useful. We also welcome your thoughts and tips on how you find the time to job search! Good luck – and remember to follow us across our social network channels for the most up-to-date jobs as it happens!


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