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Executive candidate testing

You can usually tell by track record and achievements whether a senior candidate is capable of performing the role you have on offer; but does that make them the right person for the job?

In his book, Leadership Axioms, author Bill Hybels cites three elements needed for successful team building, especially at the senior levels of an organisation. His ‘three Cs’ are Character, Competence, and Chemistry. Appointing a new person to your executive team can change the dynamics dramatically, for better or for worse; so you need to know that they have the right character and chemistry to fit in, will not clash with your existing senior management, and do not present an unwelcome challenge to your carefully nurtured culture.

Our expert executive candidate testing service, using the Hogan Assessment method, allows you to find out more about their character, and the chemistry they will bring to the team. The Hogan Assessment method is a highly reliable, in-depth, psychometric measurement of a candidate’s personality, based on a precisely targeted series of tests. Developed over 30 years ago, it has become the preferred method of testing for many major global brands.

Analysis of test responses will indicate who is more likely to excel at specific job competencies; who will become the most effective leaders, exercise sound judgement, and be safety conscious. The results will provide insights into whether a candidate is likely to innovate or exercise undue caution, will drive new ideas forward or be shouted down by others, and whether they have the qualities that you need to shape the future of your organisation.

Hogan assessment testing is also scientifically designed to help employers to avoid any potential bias based on gender, ethnicity and race as part of the selection process. When you are undecided between two apparently similar candidates, the findings of a Hogan Assessment can help you to make the best possible decision.

You may also wish to use this process to evaluate existing senior executives. Perhaps your team is not as cohesive in mission and outlook as you need it to be. Hogan Assessment testing can help to show you why something is not working as well as it could; highlight which character traits are getting in the way of unity; and give you vital directions as to how to adapt your management style or team dynamics to make it work more effectively.

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