Developing a Coherent Strategy to Close the Gender Gap

In July, we held a special dinner event to debate strategies for the Gender Pay Gap.

Karen Frost, Director of Operations at Values Based Leadership, lead the event and began with some surprising facts about the Gender Pay Gap:

  • In April 2018, a poll of 10,000 large UK firms reported that 75% of them were paying their men more than their women
  • On average, UK men earn 10% more than women doing the same jobs
  • The World Economic Forum have estimated that it will take until 2186 for women to achieve gender parity

Many women suffer as a result of the “motherhood penalty”

Attendees took part in some fabulously in-depth conversations, and sought to create methods and strategies which could seek to balance any Gender Pay Gaps in their organisations.

One of the key messages from Karen was to look to our female workers, and see if there are opportunities for some to be developed into leaders. Many women suffer as a result of the “motherhood penalty”, meaning organisations are finding a lack of women within senior leadership roles – which could lead to a lack of role models for other female employees.

“Karen helped us to organise this fantastic event which was very well received. Her knowledge and presentation will be key in helping our clients to work towards closing any gender pay gaps within her business.”

Lorraine Phair, Managing Director of Pursuit Resources Group Ltd

After enjoying a sumptuous dinner, thanks to staff at The Lion Inn, attendees are now equipped with the knowledge to create and cascade an effective Gender Pay Gap strategy throughout their organisation.

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