Bending it like Pursuit

We’re delighted to announce that we’re taking to the football pitch this winter – but in a strictly supporting role, cheering from the touchline. We’ll be sponsoring the Witham Youth Club girls’ football team kit in the coming 2024/2025 season. Following in the footsteps of our amazing England lionesses, the Witham girls will be facing opponents from across the county, and we know they will do us proud.

We’ll be helping them to stay warm and limbered up before and after the match (as well as at half time) with matching team hoodies – and we’re really looking forward to seeing them in all their glory.

We’re great believers in equality in sport, as well as in the workplace, and women’s football has been a real trailblazer on that score in recent years. That’s why we were more than happy when approached by Witham Youth Club to see if we would provide tops for their team as they head out this Autumn and Winter, challenging themselves to succeed, and braving the approaching cold weather. As a small company, we’d never be able to support a national team, but as we strengthen links with our local community, this seemed like a golden opportunity to get involved.

We can see so many parallels between building teams in sport and in the workplace. Making sure you select the right players is always our chief concern for clients; ensuring each team member is hand-picked; encouraged to play to their strengths; and has the opportunities to develop and the shine. And we’re great believers in in celebrating success!

The girls will be getting their hoodies soon, in time to help them prepare for the coming season, so they can kick off in top form. We’ll be following their progress with enormous pride and interest, and our MD, Lorraine, has even promised to go and cheer from the touchline one Saturday!