Are they ambitious for you?

Pursuit Resources explains how to choose a great recruitment agency

We asked our MD, Lorraine Phair, how to tell if your recruitment agency is right for you. “A great recruitment consultant should be ambitious for their candidates, and determined to secure the most outstanding candidates for each employer,” says Lorraine.

Using a recruitment consultant makes great sense as they act like an expert matchmaker, saving time and resources, for candidates who are already working full time, and for whom the job search can be time consuming and stressful. When you use a recruitment consultant, she explains, the first stages of searching for the ideal role are completed for you. “Many appointments can be made without actually advertising a role, because we are already in touch with the prospective employer and quickly have in mind the right candidate for them. We can often introduce you and save both you and the employer several stages of an otherwise lengthy process.

“However, not all recruitment agencies are the same. There are some simple questions you can ask yourself that help you to know whether you have the right recruitment consultant in your corner,” she adds.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have they got to know you?
  • Do they understand your experience and your future hopes?
  • Have they helped you to refine your CV?
  • Have they recommended you write more than one CV?
  • Have they sent you for interviews for roles that you would love to get?
  • Does the job description they have sent you feel right – or is it way outside your experience?
  • Have the roles they suggest for you the potential to stretch and develop your skills and experience?
  • Are they ambitious for you?

The key thing about a recruitment consultant, Lorraine believes, is that they should be active seekers of the best roles and the best candidates. You should be able to tell that they are dedicated and passionate about what they do. “Ours is a people business. We’re not filling orders or number crunching, we’re helping to build teams, develop talent and advance businesses. You shouldn’t settle for anything less – we certainly don’t,” declares Lorraine.

If you, or a friend or colleague, need our help in finding your ideal next role, please do get in touch with us. We’re just as excited as you are to know what’s next in your career progression!

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