REC 2019 Talent, Recruitment and Employment Conference and the 7 ways to love work again!

This week, some of our team attended the REC 2019 Talent, Recruitment and Employment Conference in London. It was a fantastic day with some amazing guest speakers and topics covered.

Hosted by Sameena Ali-Kham, the interactive roundtable sessions, as promised, where thought-provoking and we found all the panel discussions invaluable! This year’s theme was about building the future workforce and covered topics such as future of work, on-boarding, employer branding, diversity and inclusion, technology for talent attraction, mental health wellbeing amongst many others.

We particularly enjoyed one of the subjects covered by Bruce Daisley – VP, EMEA, Twitter on “Stress impacts the ability to execute functions”. Mental health and wellbeing is so important in today’s workplace.

So much so, that we wanted to share with you their 7 ways to love work again! We will be passing this mantra onto our employees as we feel it is hugely important, especially in a recruitment environment where things are so fast paced!

7 ways to love work again


  • Sleep – a good night asleep can increase productivity by a significant amount
  • Get happier friends – surround yourself with positive people that will make an impact on your life and your decisions. Some say there are 2 types of friends – Drains and Radiators. Drains are the friends that have the ability to bring you down. Radiators are the friends that make you feel all warm and happy. Their attitudes around you can reflect on the way you handle business.
  • Understand how we think – What is unique about you, that leads to your happiest times at work? Reflect on a specific time when you were acting in the way you were ‘born to act’.
  • Understand how we team. What encourages and motivates people to work as a team? Team work is pivotal to any business.
  • Understand how we relax. Allow yourself to take regular breaks to get your head and mind clear.
  • Understand how we settle in. Everyone is different and while some people can adapt quickly to a situation or environment, others might take a while to accomplish the same. Respect others and you will get respect in return.
  • Sense of belonging… Feeling safe at work and like you belong will increase productivity and keep motivation at its highest.

“A happier environment motivates people to stay and develop”

To conclude this blog, we thought we would share a great video Bruce played to us at the event. We felt it was quite humorous but very on point! : Watch the Video here!