Wellness Wednesday – Could you survive without Caffeine?

No Caffeine after 2pm Challenge!

Caffeine – how much do you drink?

This week’s wellness Wednesday focus is on Caffeine here at Pursuit Resources Group. We have challenged the team to a day without Caffeine post 2pm. So we have the decaf stocked, fruit teas in and we are ready to change our habits with Caffeine!

Caffeine is a powerful drug that is as addictive as nicotine. Nowadays it is seen as a natural way to reduce fatigue, improve alertness and productivity. It helps as a pick me up to get going and acts as a stimulant, but like all tools, caffeine could be both helpful and harmful.

The come down can make you worse than you started, and drinking caffeine can also increase anxiety. When you have caffeine it stimulates your body in producing adrenaline. In small doses you would not see much of a difference, but those prone to anxiety can find that the problems are exacerbated.


Top Tips for reducing Caffeine in your daily routine.

  • Don’t drink Caffeine after 2pm. This will help you get a better quality nights sleep. More sleep (or a better quality sleep) will mean you will wake up more refreshed and ready to start the day – possibly without that immediate caffeine fix!
  • Limit consumption to 2-4 small cups of caffeine a day (this includes Tea, Coffee, Coke based drinks). If you feel you can’t survive a day without caffeine then consider changing the size of your cup to minimise the amount you drink.
  • Drink more water. Take a look at our Wellness Wednesday post from a few weeks ago at the benefits of drinking H2O to help productivity at work. You may find increasing your intake of water will make you reach for that Americano less!
  • Caffeine is not just in Coffee and Tea! It can be found in many fizzy drinks, hot chocolate, Green tea and more! So where possible, try to convert to de-caf variations. Caffeine is also found in many over the counter medicines – look for an alternative by asking your pharmacist.
  • Water down caffeine drinks – so you can still enjoy the taste and feel of a coffee or tea – consider making it weaker. Add more water to your coffee / less coffee per cup and consider brewing your tea for a shorter amount of time.


Why are we not going Tee-Total on Caffeine?

It is good to take small steps. Completely stopping caffeine could mean you experience withdrawal affects if you are used to drinking it. Because of this, start with a time limit (like no caffeine post 2pm) and slowly bring this forward reducing to a cup a day before going Tee-total.


We hope you have enjoyed this week’s Wellness Wednesday tips. For more wellness advice and insights take a look at some of our previous blog posts.