Take a Break #WellnessWednesday

Our #WellnessWednesday advice this week to our team is TAKE A BREAK!

Research has shown that taking time out of your day to recharge can improve your well-being and productivity at work.

Over the next few weeks we will be buddying our consultants up and sending them out for lunch on us! But why?

It is easy when you work in a busy environment to work through lunch – with your sandwich in one hand and your hand on the mouse in the other. It is a common assumption that by doing this you will be more efficient and get more done in the day. But in reality, it will lead to less productivity because believe it or not your brain needs time to recharge!

Whether you read a book, go for a walk, get on top of life admin – spending your lunch break productively will increase motivation, relieve stress and keep you focused! But it is important that whatever you do in your lunch break that you step away from your desk! A change of scenery is a must have for a successful lunch break.

Your lunch break does not need to be a long one. The government recommends at least a 30min break for every 4 hours of continuous work. 30 minutes is less scary than an hour.

Socialising is also a big factor in influencing your well-being in the work place. It allows for friendships to grow, promotes strong teamwork and provides a well needed distraction. Whether you have a good gossip or take a break to listen to a podcast together, if possible try and buddy up on your lunch break. That is why we are promoting taking lunch with a buddy to our team.

Tune in to next week’s blog for some top tips to make the most out of your lunch break!

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