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One of the many benefits of partnering with Pursuit for your recruitment requirements is our exclusive invitation to one of the specialist Employment Law seminars and/or workshops. Pursuit has worked with KLC Employment Law Consultants LLP to provide employment law seminars for valued Pursuit clients for over 12 years. Due to the success of these seminars, Pursuit have implemented a series of tailored Workshops & Seminars that will focus upon the changes surrounding employment laws.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 28th September 2022

Join the Pursuit Team and Cas Carrington of KLC Employment Law to receive the latest updates on Employment Law!

The Team here at Pursuit are please to announce that our next law seminar of 2022 is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 28th September 2022, starting 9:15am.

Cas Carrington of KLC Employment Law shall be joining the Pursuit Team at the Lion Inn, Boreham, to provide you with the latest insights and changes to Employment Law on topics covering:

Employment Law News:

  • Statutory CoP on dismissal and re-engagement.
  • The Employment Bill.
  • The ECHR, the HRA, and the British Bill of Rights.
  • Socio economic status and accent as a protected characteristic?

Mental Health in the Workplace:

  • What is good mental health?
  • What can employers do to promote good mental health?
  • Disability, personal injury, and managing misconduct.

Important new Case Law:

  • Fair dismissal for raising grievances.
  • Understanding the correct tests for different claims.
  • Hearsay evidence – vital difference in ET’s test for unfair and wrongful dismissal.
  • Cancer – disability at diagnosis or sooner?
  • Indirect associative discrimination.

SOSR dismissals:

  • Examples of SOSR dismissals.
  • Fair process.

If you have not attended one of our seminars previously, Cas Carrington provides a relaxed and interactive briefing on essential employment law updates. These seminars are hosted by Pursuit to help local businesses stay in the know when it comes to employment law and are free to attend.

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Seminar: Wednesday 28th March 2022
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Past Events

Thursday 3rd March 2022

Don't miss our first Employment Law Seminar of 2022!

The Team here at Pursuit hosted our first employment law seminar of 2022, which took place on Thursday 3rd March 2022.

Cas Carrington of KLC Employment Law joined the Pursuit Team at the Lion Inn, Boreham, providing the latest insights and changes to Employment Law on topics covering:

  • Case Law – Including, unfair dismissal, do you know the difference in burden proof requirements?
  • Flexible Working – Avoiding unlawful discrimination; and the results of Government Consultation.
  • Age Discrimination – 15 years on.
  • Employment Law News – Including replacing the Human Rights Act.
  • Neurodiversity in the Workplace

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