Getting the most out of your job search with LinkedIn

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This week we are focusing on LinkedIn. Many people overlook the importance of having a professional presence on social media. Over the years, LinkedIn has become a major player in the recruitment industry. Not only for employers and recruitment agencies, but also for candidates!

Think of it as a platform for your professional experience and a live version of your CV. It can bring your experience to life and make you stand out. It is the perfect way to highlight your USPs.

A typical LinkedIn Profile will highlight the following information

  • Professional Summary
  • Job qualifications
  • Employment history
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Volunteering
  • Articles you have posted
  • Content you have commented on / Liked.

Many employers will also look for you on LinkedIn ahead of inviting you to interview – therefore you need to ensure you are portraying the right ‘brand’. Ensure that your profile is complete and includes all the information that sum’s up your experience and skills – professionally.

We have put together some highlights of our recommendations when it comes to getting your LinkedIn profile in shape!

Ensure your profile is complete. Spellchecked and Grammar checked.

This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people still have spelling mistakes on their LinkedIn profiles and CVs. Get someone to proof read your profile for you with fresh eyes. Sometimes when you have been staring at something for a long time you can easily miss the simple mistakes.

Having a full profile will ensure that there are no gaps for future employers should they be looking for specific information.

Building your brand

Whilst LinkedIn is a social media platform, you need to remember it is for professional networking. It is important that your profile picture is a professional (and recent) headshot.

Ensure the language you use (your tone of voice) is consistent with your professional brand – after all the profile of a sales person will look very different to that of a HR professional.

Consider the posts that you comment on, groups that you follow and posts that you share. Remember all of this information is on view to future employers.

Provide Quality Detail

Your LinkedIn profile has no limit on length – so be as detailed as you want to be. Our Marketing Manager recommends that whilst you can add more detail, it is important to keep things succinct and simple to read / digest. Use bullet points and avoid repetition.

Give yourself a Headline

Sell yourself in 10 words – keep it short and snappy. If you are currently unemployed there is nothing stopping you opening with – OPEN TO NEW OPPORTUNITIES or SEEKING NEW EMPLOYMENT.

Don’t hold back on your Summary

This is the place where you will highlight exactly who you are / your experience and will be the section that will make or break reading the rest of your profile. Don’t be afraid to use bullet points, and keep it to a few succinct sentences. Have you got a strong Personal Statement on your CV? This is a great place to start for completing this section of your LinkedIn Profile.

Use Keywords!

When recruiters and employers are looking for your detail they will search using key words for your experience. This can include your job title, industry, qualifications. Start by brainstorming all the professional keywords you would use to describe yourself and ensure these are present within your profile. The use of keywords will also help your Linkedin profile appear in google!

Get Recommended and Endorsed

Think of this as a reference! The more recommendations and endorsements you have, the more credible your profile will appear to future employers.

You can save out your profile to a PDF!

You can even save out your LinkedIn profile to use as a CV. Whilst we would not recommend this, it may be a useful tool to take a long to an interview as a leave behind. However, what it can be good for is a starting point to creating your CV if you have not got a working document already. Once you have completed all your details on your profile, if you download the PDF you can then convert it into a Word Document and edit this into your professional CV – saving you time!

Instructions on how to download your CV as a PDF

Please remember you will still have to edit the document and the format into a working CV. Take a look at our top tips for creating your CV to help you.

Now your set up – take a look at some of our Next Step recommendations:

Build your network

Don’t be afraid to use LinkedIn. Having a strong network will make you more visible and increase your chances of being successful on LinkedIn. The more connections, the more opportunities that can arise. Remember though, whilst you may have a number of connections you need to ensure they are the right ones! Start with people you know and people within your industry / line of work. Connect with old colleagues, People you went to college / university with. If you are actively seeking new employment, connecting with recruitment consultants and HR professionals would be recommended. You can connect with our team here!

Lorraine Phair

Samantha Chambers

Courtney Bromfield

Sarah Palmer

Need tips on connecting with people on LinkedIn? Read the Linkedin guide here


Get Noticed

Start commenting, liking, sharing. The more active you are the more you are being seen. Direct message your contacts to see if they know of any positions available at their company and connect with HR managers and recruitment professionals in your local area.

Apply via Linked In!

At Pursuit we actively use our company page to advertise new roles as soon as we have them. Not following us? Visit our page and get regular updates!

Also, you can now apply directly to jobs as many companies now advertise on LinkedIn. Find companies you would like to work for and follow them for regular updates.

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