From Trainee Consultant to Consultant in 7 months!

From Trainee Consultant to Consultant in 7 months!

Congratulations Elle!

We are pleased to announce that Elle Anslow Clarke has been promoted this week to a Consultant after completing her training period with us here at Pursuit!

Elle joined us in February as a trainee consultant with a good sales background but no previous experience in recruitment. From week one when Elle made her first placement, we knew she had recruitment in her blood – and we weren’t wrong! Elle has gone from strength to strength, taking on board her training and advice and establishing herself as a key member of our team. Elle’s loyalty and drive to succeed are just some of the reason’s why she has fast-tracked to become a fully fledged consultant.

When we asked Elle for a few words, Elle said

“when I first started at Pursuit I didn’t know what to expect. I had sales experience in my previous role, and the idea of recruitment seemed to tick many of my boxes – but it was very un-known. If you had asked me where I would be 7 months into my role when I started as a trainee recruitment consultant I couldn’t have dreamt to have ‘graduated’ so quickly from a trainee to a consultant.

I have shocked myself at how much I have taken to recruitment and how much I love the buzz of the industry. I knew I loved sales and relationship management and recruitment for me is a great balance of both. Highlights for me to date would be learning from some of most experienced (and best)recruiters in the industry as well as meeting some amazing clients and helping so many candidates find employment. The feeling when you first place a candidate in a new role is quite something – I will always remember my first!

Don’t get me wrong, recruitment has both up’s and down’s, but for me the excitement of every day being so different and the people I meet and speak to daily is what drives me.  I was shocked with the promotion and extremely happy with the news. I look forward to a successful career in recruitment!”

A huge congratulations Elle. We are excited to see your career in recruitment blossom further with Pursuit. Here are some snaps of Elle over the last 7 months:

Are you interested in a career in recruitment? We are always on the look out for new talent. Please get in touch with us and send in your CV to [email protected]